Truck Dispatching Services offers the following services at 7% of the load:


  • Book a load anywhere in continental USA and Canada.

  • Complete Brokers' Setup Packet

  • Request Fuel Advance on your behalf

  • Follow Completion of Load

  • Generate invoices on your behalf

  • Invoice Brokers or Factoring Company on your behalf

  • Request Quick Pays

  • Follow up on payments and collections on your behalf

  • 24 / 7 Dispatch Support per load

  • 24/7 Road Side Assistance Support, Repairs, and Price Negotiation on your behalf 

  • Weather Alerts provided if required

We find you the 

best loads anywhere

in continental USA and Canada

Try our services with


We are confident you'll stay with

Right now we have a Limited Time Special Offer for Independent Truckers & Owner Operators. Try our Truck Dispatching services with NO CONTRACT. We are confident, as an Owner Operator or Independent Trucker, you'll stay with 

Our Truck Dispatching Services are specially designed for Owner Operators & Independent Truckers with own authority (MC#). We dispatch Flatbed Trucks, Reefers Trucks, Auto Carrier Trucks, Dry Vans Trucks, or other types Trucks. We find You the Best Truck Loads ANYWHERE in continental USA or Canada. 


Our Truck Dispatching services at are backed by® - the largest & fastest truck load board, with over 88 million loads and trucks per year.


DAT TransCore is a leading provider of transportation solutions in the United States serving brokers, carriers, owner-operators and shippers with best-in-class products, supporting transportation professionals since 1978. Smart Dispatching is proud to bring this technology to our Owner Operator and Independent Trucker customers.


To subscribe to our Truck Dispatching services, simply fill up our easy Truck Disptach Service Form on our Contact Us page. And if you need help with the Truck Dispatch Service Form, just call us on the Smart Dispatching Toll Free Helpline 1-855-718-2671. The Smart Dispatching ​team can support you in English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi.


As Truck Dispatchers we understand how much you need our constant support. Smart Dispatching is open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year to support the needs your Trucking business. Just call us on the Smart Dispatching

Toll Free Helpline 1-855-718-2671



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